We have been taking Merlot on some adventures lately as we try and get a little fitter. We don’t think we’d be able to climb a mountain just yet; however, experiencing a few ‘medium’ level walks has certainly spurred us on to explore many more routes.

Merlot has enjoyed sprinting through open countryside; in fact we’ve noticed a real change in his speed lately. His favourite walk to date has been the Silverdale route, just north of Morecambe, Lancashire.

Parking the car at the ‘Eaveswood’ National Trust Car Park, we took the western route through the woods which eventually led through some beautiful snickets, meandering through Silverdale’s hamlets. The passageway brings you out to the Cove which has some wonderful views, particularly if you take the path just above the cliff. Merlot didn’t really understand why the sand on the beach made him sink slightly but it didn’t deter, he even climbed up the rocks to the Cove itself to take a peek inside.

The walk is about 6 miles, if you actually stick to the directions on the AA website but we did get a little lost at one point and food rage set in too.

The walk allows you to take in wonderful scenery, the picturesque Jack Scout, a salt marsh and a few tough climbs up muddy hills and a rock face. Team that with the beautiful village itself to finish and you’ve got the perfect walk. Just be a little careful if you take route up from the salt marsh as once you reach the top and go through the stile, there’s a few fields full of livestock, so make sure you put your dog on a lead on the approach.

Merlot slept for hours when we finally returned which is a bonus so please feel free to post if you have any similar walks for us to try……doggy-friendly ones only please.


Difficulty rating:4

Miles: 6

Postcode: Approx LA5 0UJ

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